Ulrika Boden with friends

Ulrika Bodén with friends
Ulrika’s ongoing project with music mainly from her home region in Ångermanland. Ulrika has learnt many of the songs directly from older tradition bearers.
The beautiful Ångermanland songs form the basis of Ulrika’s solo repertoire, a repertoire that is added to and renewed as new old songs are discovered.
As a continuation of her work with music from Ångermanland, Ulrika also sings psalms translated into the Junsele dialect by the author and poet Nicke Sjödin from Röån.

With friends are some of Ulrika’s favourite musicians, an acoustic setting that alternate with each other depending on the occasion and plays as a duo, trio or quartet.

Emma Ahlberg, five stringed fiddle
Niklas Roswall, nyckelharpa
Janne Strömstedt, harmonium
Martin von Schmalensee, guitar and double bass
Daniel Fredriksson, moraoud, mandora
Daniel Ek, guitar
Ulrika Bodén, song, härjedalspipa (Swedish traditional flute), autoharp

Daniel ranarimUlrika ranarimNiklas ranarim

The album Te berga blå – To the Blue Mountains is a tribute to the herding music and its tradition bearers. Songs and herding calls of the forests in the north. Live the repertoire is performed both by Ulrika solo and by a trio with Emma Ahlberg/Niklas Roswall and Daniel Ek/ Daniel Fredriksson.

Kôrksangern pressbild

Vålje å vrake (Drone 2001)
Rätt nu är det på tiden (Drone 2004)
Körksangern / Folk Hymns (Mahogny Records, Westpark 2012)
Te berga blå / To the Blue Mountains (Dimma Sweden 2016)

Ulrika och Martin